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While each designer has his/her own unique style and go-to lighting fixtures to achieve a certain aesthetic, here we reveal 9 designer lighting trends that are emerging as we begin 2021.

1. Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern Lighting

This classic style is becoming more prominent in refined homes that want clean lines but a more modern design.

2. Mixed Metals

Designers are increasingly mixing gold and oil-rubbed bronze or copper and black in their lighting schemes. Light fixtures are also exhibiting two different metals on the same light, allowing designers more freedom in their lighting design schemes.

3. Layered Lighting

While nothing new, designers are more than ever layering on the light between ambient, task and accent lighting to create rich spaces for their clients. Recessed cans continue to lead this effort, offering a cost-effective and attractive way to disperse light throughout a space.

4. Industrial and Historic Design

Paying homage to early century manufacturing, this industrial design style is rugged and classic, and adds a sophisticated element to a room.

5. Rustic and Natural Materials

Basket lamp pendants, wood bead flush mounts, burlap and linen shades, rustic wood chandeliers: these are all popular and allow an opportunity to unite the inside of a home with the outside surroundings.

6. Smart Technology

With all of the technology prevalent, designers are increasingly tasked with creating a lighting plan and working with their electrician to incorporate technology.

7. Gold and more gold

The shades of gold can differ slightly, but do not compare to the shiny brass of the 80s and 90s. Think brushed gold, soft gold, and rose gold.

8. Clear Pendants

Offered in many shapes and sizes, as well as finishes, clear glass pendants are suitable to a variety of aesthetics.

9. Open Iron Pendants and Chandeliers

These lights may be the best because there is no foggy glass needing to be dusted, and allow light to flow through. This iron chandelier features clean lines and versatile design in a beautiful black iron finish. So classic.